Brother HE-1 Computerized Embroidery Machine Review

Brother HE-1 Computerized Embroidery Machine ReviewWhen you are looking for a simple and sorted beginning to embroidering, and don’t want to get entangled in hassles, then one of the best ways to start is by choosing the simple beginners’ delight Brother HE-1 computerized embroidery machine. The brand name of Brother is the first assurance that the machine will be bringing in complicity, quality, great features, and helpful functionality. The next attraction is of the quality and service.

The Brother HE-1 is a fully embroidery machine, and the sole purpose of getting it is to master the art of embroidery on a computerized sewing machine. Designed simply, featured logically, and built tough, the machine is the perfect gift for beginners who want to understand slowly, and absorb it gradually, and devote their talent to various home projects. The machine is a good practice platform before shifting to some professional embroidery machine model, and at this price it is an attractive pick, which you may consider buying. Hence it’s important that you go through the review below and fix your mind and expectations about it.

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  • 70 embroidery designs pre-programmed
  • 5 lettering fonts for monogramming
  • 120 frame patterns
  • LCD panel with touch screen and back-light
  • Needle threader automatic
  • Thread cutter with push button
  • Quick set bobbin with drop-in feature
  • Bobbin winding fast and automatic
  • Start and stop button
  • One touch reverse operation button
  • 16 language support for onscreen reference
  • Designs can be downloaded and added to machine easily
  • Comes with 25 years manufacturer warranty
  • Sewing speed of 400 stitches per minute
  • Embroidery work field/ area of 4×4 inches
  • Connects to computer easily

No. Of Built-In or Pre-Programmed designs

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There are mainly 3 types of pre-loaded designs in the Brother HE-1. They are:

  • 5 designs for making monograms
  • 120 frame designs for creating frame patterns
  • 70 designs for embroidery

These contain variations, and more designs can be added to the database by simply connecting the machine to a computer and importing design from the computer.

No. of Lettering Fonts

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Lettering fonts or alphabet fonts are 5, and these can be used to create great monograms and designs.

Stitch Functions

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The Brother HE-1 is for embroidery only, and contains 70 pre-programmed inbuilt designs for making great embroidery designs. You cannot stitch a hem or run on your fabric, but make great designs and patterns using the 70 designs, 120 frame styles, and the 5 lettering fonts. These in combination can be used to create custom designs. You can import more designs into the machine by connecting it to a computer using the USB port. The speed of the embroidery machine is 400 stitches per minute. This is a fairly decent speed to operate.

A specialty of the HE-1 is that it allows on screen editing of designs. This means the LCD touch screen where you can see the design, can be used to edit the design, and customize it.

Maximum Design Dimension/Sewing Field

The Brother HE-1 has a design making work or field area of 4×4 inches. The 4 square inches area allow making of all the designs loaded in the machine, either at once, or part by part as the user adjusts the fabric inside the work frame for the larger designs.

User Friendliness

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The user friendliness of a machine is determined by how much ease of operation and smart features it offers to the users. Here are some of the characteristics of the Brother HE-1 which tells that it is indeed a user friendly embroidery machine for the beginners and even the daily users.

  • The quick set bobbin with thread sensor is a nice feature of the machine. It enables the machine to sense if the bobbin is full or going to get empty, if your bobbin goes empty in the middle of the stitching you would be frustrated, and the flow of the work will be interrupted. Moreover while working at a fast paced machine at 400 spm, it’s not easy to check out if the bobbin still has thread left enough or not. The sensor therefore is a very user friendly feature that detects the thread in the bobbin and tells you beforehand.
  • There is a bobbin winding motor, which works independently irrespective of your working. Hence you may use it to wind a bobbin in any thread while you are parallel working on embroidery.
  • There are 70 pre-loaded designs and 5 alphabet fonts and 120 frame patterns, all given to facilitate a new user, who may start working on the machine immediately.
  • Including new embroidery patterns etc into the machine is easy with the USB connection with a computer, and no extra software is demanded for the operation thus making it more user friendly.
  • The ability to customize designs in the LCD touch panel is a great feature. Moreover the screen is lighted with back-light for easy viewing.
  • Auto threading is another nice feature.
  • Upper and lower thread cutter which can be activated with one push button adds to the ease of operation.

With all these features, the machine is a good selection when you are searching for a user friendly design for embroidering, and that too for the beginners who have little experience with computerized embroidery machines.


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20 x 18 x 15 inches
Weight : 22.4 pounds

Additional Accessories

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The extra accessories included with the machine are:

  • Extra bobbin
  • Hoop
  • Bobbin thread


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  • Built in embroidery designs
  • Built in frame patterns
  • Built in monogram patterns
  • Quick set bobbin with thread sensor
  • Fast pace of 400 spm
  • Enough embroidery work space of 4×4 inches
  • Touch screen LCD offers editing of designs and customization
  • Back-light on LCD makes viewing easy
  • On and off and reverse buttons
  • Auto threading possible
  • Independent bobbin winder
  • LCD is touch screen
  • Thread cutter automatic
  • 16 language manual support


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  • It’s difficult connecting it to a Mac OS computer compared to a Windows machine.
  • Trouble transferring larger design files from computer detected sometimes.

Consumer Reviews

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Consumers are overall satisfied with the product. Some even tried the machine on a thick fabric like towel, and got the embroidery stitches to come in it real neat and well. Hence the machine as the embroidery maker works great on all fabric types, and is a success. Consumers have positive feedback of it overall.

However there are a few cases of little dissatisfaction where consumers reported that connecting the Brother HE-1 with a computer of Mac OS was a little troublesome than the windows OS systems. Also transferring larger design files of 5×7 inches size seemed difficult for many users where the embroidery machine did not detect or accept the files. However, working with the 4×4 inch designs on that work area, have been perfectly working and easy for almost all customers.

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The Brother HE-1 is quite reasonably priced. Looking at the simple and easy to use style and easy operability with the decent speed, the price seems well justified. People buying the machine would be satisfied with paying that price when they will find the machine to be ultra user friendly, very easily operable, and also coming with the support of 16 languages for the guiding menu or manual.

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The Brother HE-1 is one of the embroidery machines by the company, which is backed by the 25 years of manufacturer warranty, great quality and reports of satisfied customer feedback. The machine is chosen for its ease of use, nice design, operational simplicity, and automated features. Overall it’s a package which is great for the beginners who can master their embroidering skills with the decently paced machine with nice features. The machine is equally good for regular working medium users, and can be used to work on most fabric types to create neat and clean designs.

Features Overview

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Feature Brother HE-1 Embroidery Machine
Affordability 5 out of 5
Adjustable Speed Yes
Software Included Yes
Automatic Thread Trimming Yes; Automatic thread cutter
Design 4.5 out of 5
Needle Size Size 11 or 14
LED Screen Yes; computerized and touch screen enabled

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