Brother DZ820E Embroidery Machine With Grand Slam Package Review

Brother DZ820E Embroidery Machine With Grand Slam Package ReviewWhile talking of Brother Embroidery machines quality and design have always been the main selling points. Brother has consistently kept the quality of its sewing machines, embroidery machines, and sergers uncompromised, since it started manufacturing in the sewing machine segment almost a century back, and now the brand is a name for quality. The Brother DZ820E embroidery machine is a solely embroidery machine.

If you are a beginner, or want to gift it to a beginner who will be introduced to embroidery through machines for the first time, then you may consider buying the Brother DZ820E. Highly durable with tough components, with ability to customize your designs and stitches, collection of built in stitches, and a starter kit containing all one needs to start embroidering, makes the embroidery machine a good selection.

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Some of the noticeable features of the Brother DZ820E are:

  • Contains a 5×7” embroidery area
  • Drop in bobbin; quick set; jam resistant
  • LCD touch screen panel with back light
  • Memory function for easy working
  • Work area is well lighted with bright LED
  • Automatic needle threading system
  • USB flash drive port available for transfer of data
  • 136 embroidery designs pre-loaded
  • Grand slam set of accessories provided
  • 3 different sized embroidery hoops included
  • 136 embroidery designs pre-loaded
  • 6 lettering fonts pre-loaded
  • 120 frame patterns pre-loaded
  • Designs can be uploaded

No. Of Built-In or Pre-Programmed designs

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There are 136 designs already loaded in the machine for embroidering. These embroidery designs can be easily made into your fabrics by choosing any you like from the touch screen LCD panel. Besides, there are 120 frame patterns and 6 lettering fonts, making it a complete collection of the essentials to kick start embroidering.

No. of Lettering Fonts

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There are 6 lettering fonts pre-loaded in the machine. More can be loaded using computer connectivity, USB memory stick or flash drive etc.

Stitch Functions

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Brother DZ820E Embroidery Machine With Grand Slam PackageWith a lot of pre-loaded designs already programmed into the Brother DZ820E, the embroidery machine is an all set and ready to use embroidering partner. Numbers of stitch functions, choices of pattern and designs, lettering fonts and frames etc, can be selected from the LCD panel. This touch screen panel helps select the tread tension, the stitch lengths, and all such things.

The machine works at a speed of 650 stitches per minute, which is quite a good speed for home use, and handling all sorts of projects. Since it’s designed for ease of use for beginners, it’s safe and easy to use, and the LCD touch screen is a great guide in every step, right from instruction displaying to adjustment of all machine settings.

Threading the needle is as simple as touching one button. At one touch the thread gets inserted into the needle eye by the machine automatically. Also the automatic thread cutter is a great relief, as with one button push the thread gets trimmed from the fabric.

Maximum Design Dimension/Sewing Field

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There is a default designing and embroidering field of 5” x 7”. This field can be used to full potential, and also 3 more choices are provided through adjustable hoops. They are of sizes 5” x 7”, 4” x 4” and 2.5” x 1”. The last one is for extremely small and intricate designs.

User Friendliness

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easy to use photoThe Brother DZ820E is undoubtedly designed for ease of use, and specially for beginners who have no experience of earlier handling of embroidery machines. Hence the features all are focused towards helping the user, and facilitate the tasks. Availability of well lit work area with standard dimensions is great. Over that the availability of 3 different hoop sizes for different dimension embroidery field handling is an added advantage. The touch panel offers great interface for playing with the machine settings, and controlling almost all aspects of the machine. Moreover this same LCD is used for choosing the embroidery designs from amongst the several inbuilt designs.

The machine offers uploading or importing of more designs and has supporting software for this. One may connect a computer to it to transfer more designs, or even transfer designs from a memory stick or flash drive through the machine’s USB port. The CD provided with the Grand Slam pack contains some 200 extra designs which is an added resource.

Button operated functions like automatic threading, and thread cutting add to the user friendliness of the embroidery machine. The design is compact and solid, and material used is scratch resistant. Thus everyday usage also won’t bring on wear and tear marks on the machine, and the looks will be maintained. Hence the Brother DZ820E can be the ideal beginner’s machine for starting embroidery work at home.


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21 x 16 x 17 inches
Weight : 21 pounds

Additional Accessories

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Due to the Grand Slam pack being included with the machine, the numbers of accessories are a lot, and hence it’s a huge list which is as follows:

  • A pack of 10 pre-wound bobbins
  • 6 thread spools of embroidery thread
  • Embroider design boutique
  • CD containing 200 designs and patterns of embroidery
  • 10 packs of bobbins
  • 6×6 inches cut away stabilizers- 12 sheets
  • 9×7” tear away stabilizers- 12 sheets
  • Thread snip scissors
  • Q scissors
  • Embroidery foot
  • 1 large screwdriver
  • 1 small screwdriver
  • Lint brush
  • Seam ripper
  • Small and large spool caps
  • 2 needle packs
  • Bobbin thread
  • Spool net
  • Dust cover
  • Power cord
  • USB operation manual
  • Normal operation manual
  • Bag for accessories
  • Quick reference guide
  • A warranty card with 25 years of warranty


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  • Easy to use
  • Comes with pre-loaded embroidery designs
  • Scratch resistant body
  • Multiple accessories provided for immediate use
  • Protective covers and dust jacket provided
  • Touch screen LCD panel operated controls
  • Auto threading feature
  • Thread trimming feature
  • Light weight design easy to carry and store
  • CD provided containing 200 more designs
  • Easy connectivity with memory stick and computer for adding more designs to database
  • Comes with three embroidering hoops of various sizes
  • Convenient work area of 5×7 inches
  • Well lit work area with LED light


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  • Take time to learn and get adjusted to the right thread tension control
  • Screen is monochrome
  • Machine can use only one spool type

Consumer Reviews

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Overall the consumer rating and experience about the Brother DZ820E embroidery machine is good. And what most consumers reported is that the machine does what it is meant for. It does the embroidery perfectly clean on the fabric without crippling or pulling the fabric, and also the stitches come perfect, fast, and neat. Another reason that many customers took to rejoice after owning the machine is the Grand slam package which contains all those accessories one would need to operate the machine. Many reported this to be a straight out of the box usable machine.

However, small glitches have also been reported with a few things. Some consumers had trouble initially figuring out the right thread tension, and till that time the thread often broke creating some frustration. Some also reported problem with thread knotting and bunching under the fabric which is supposedly a problem with the machine settings, and can be worked on with. The needle threader gave some problems to many new users who initially used hands to thread the needle in confusion of operation. Besides all these cases, the overall performance of the machine as the embroidery machine is good and satisfactory. Users are also satisfied with the machine body which is tough and resists wear and tear.

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A little pricey, which may seem at the beginning till you have read the reviews, the machine’s price gets justified for the ease of use and user comfort. It’s built for the novice users, and even medium experienced users. Therefore ease of use matters highly. As per consumer reviews and reports it is indeed an easy to use model, and embroiders quite fast at a decent speed of 650 SPM. Thus the price for all its features and getup looks good enough.

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Overall the Brother DZ820E is a nice embroidery machine to own or gift. And it’s not just that only beginners can use this for embroidering. Even experienced users looking at easy to use and user friendly machines would love the feature loaded yet simply designed model. The price is justified enough for a beginner to own the embroidery only machine. And as you look at the manufacturer name- that is Brother, the 25 years of warranty and quality of its products with the reputation of the name adds to more value to the machine.

Features Overview

Features Brother DZ820E Embroidery Machine with Grand Slam Package
Affordability 5 out of 5
Adjustable Speed Yes
Software Included Yes
Automatic Thread Trimming Yes; Automatic thread cutter
Design 4.5 out of 5
Needle Size Size 11 or 14
LED Screen Yes; computerized and touch screen enabled

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