Brother SE1800 Embroidery Cum Sewing Machine with Grand Slam Package Review

Brother Sewing SE1800 Embroidery Sewing Machine ReviewThe Brother SE1800 is a sewing machine cum embroidery machine, which comes with a bunch of needed accessories, pre-loaded stitches, default designs and a lot of features. The light weight and compact machine has a nice 5×7 inches work field for stitching and embroidering. Some of the best features of the machine like 5×12 inch multi position hoops for larger area embroidery, 136 designs pre-loaded in the machine, 6 letter fonts, and the USB port for loading of designs in it from a computer are some of the reasons you would love the machine.

The machine has an automatic needle, great programming for thread trimming, a quick set up bobbin with top drop system, a start stop button, and needle up and down button and more such features, which strongly suggests how good an automated machine it is. The touch screen is not just an operating medium but also an instruction manual which shares important prating instructions, handling etc to the user. The review below would help you determine if you can find all necessary features from the machine.

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  • USB flash drive port is built in that accepts memory stick for transferring of embroidery designs to the machine without extra software.
  • 136 embroidery designs pre-loaded
  • 6 lettering fonts pre-loaded
  • Embroidery area of 5×7 inches
  • 10 buttonhole stitch design
  • 184 sewing stitch designs
  • Carrying case with is tough and hard is provided
  • Comes with a lot of important accessories
  • 11 sewing feet are given with the pack

No. Of Built-In Or Pre-Programmed designs

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Pre programmed designs form the most important part for evaluating if a new age sewing or embroidery machine is appropriate for you. The Brother SE1800 come with a lot of pre-programmed stitches and designs, letters etc, and they are as follows:

  • There are 136 embroidery designs in it, and one may load more through a USB flash drive
  • Talking of lettering fonts there are 6 designs or fonts which can used to embroider
  • There are 184 designs of stitches
  • One gets 10 buttonhole designs pre-loaded too

This shows you that the Brother SE1800 has a lot of stitch programming.

No. of Lettering Fonts

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The lettering fonts included 6, and the highlights among them are San Serif and Serif fonts, built in script and outline fonts. These again can be mixed and customized with many new styles and other inserted designs to for new lettering styles.

Stitch Functions

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The machine comes with a plethora of built in designs or stitch functions. Since it is a sewing machine as well as an embroidery machine, it contains lot of designs and stitch styles, and also the option to load it with more purchased designs and stitch styles.

The embroidery field of 5×7 inches is a nice work area for stitching, and the 5×12 inches multi position frame offers even wider a field for detailed stitching and designing. The availability of 136 designs for embroidery and the option to include more through USB port is a nice offering. 136 is a sound figure and that this much of design variation offered by a machine looks quite promising. Again there are 6 lettering font designs which allows for bringing in more variation to designs. There are floral styles, scroll-works, 10 frame shapes, quilt patterns, and 12 border styles. Each has their own importance, and adds to the capability of the machine.

There is more. 184 stitches means a lot of style and these are all pre-loaded in the Brother SE1800. One can sew sideways and horizontally, and custom stitches can be created using it. Even button hole designing also can be done in 10 ways with the pre-loaded stitches.

Maximum Design Dimension/Sewing Field

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By default one gets 5×7 inches of work field for sewing and 5×12 inches of embroidery frame with multi position hoops.

User Friendliness

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The user friendliness of the Brother SE1800 is brought with the touch screen LCD panel which shows instructions, stitch options and multiple choices and guides. Besides the other features which help and add to the functionality are:

  • The provision to add or import design to the machine
  • The side way sewing features which is quit helpful for sewing appliqués or designing
  • The back-light of the LCD which makes viewing easy and non-strenuous on eyes
  • The choices of sewing feet with the machine which can be easily fitted in a snap
  • The bright LED light to lit the work area in low light conditions
  • Buttons to control speed and start or stop the motor
  • The easy needle threading feature


13.34 x 23.19 x 11.54 inches
Weight : 22.05 pounds

Additional Accessories

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Brother SE1800 AccessoriesThe additional accessories included are:

  • 11 sewing feet containing Overcasting Foot, Adjustable Zipper Foot/Piping Foot, Buttonhole Foot, Open Toe Foot, Zipper Foot, Monogramming Foot, Stitch Guide Foot, Zigzag Foot, Blind Stitch Foot, Button Fitting Foot, Non-Stick Foot, Embroidery Foot.
  • 4 bobbins
  • A durable carrying case
  • Twin needle
  • Pack of needles
  • Embroidery thread spool
  • Storage compartment
  • Knee lifter
  • Grid Sheet set
  • Thread bobbin case


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  • 5×7” working field
  • A speed of 850 stitches per minute
  • Auto threading of needles
  • 2 LED lights to light up the work area
  • Bobbin sensor low
  • LED display is touch screen
  • No software needed, and can be connected to computer for importing designs
  • 11 sewing feet provided which can be changed fast
  • Comes with hard and light weight case cover
  • Thread cutter activates with push button
  • Corner turned using knee lifter
  • Start/stop button
  • Speed controller button
  • Lots of pre-loaded stitch styles and embroidery designs, buttonhole designs and lettering fonts


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  • The machine is a little highly priced. Though it contains a lot of features to tempt the common sewer, the beginner as well as advanced sewing experts, the price could have been lower.
  • The LCD display is small, and monochrome, and thus can be a little difficult for reading.
  • The work field is good enough, but the price they are asking could have included another larger work area.

Consumer Reviews

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Consumers reported the machine to be a flawless architecture which runs smooth and works great. For high levels of satisfaction with the Brother SE1800, most of the consumer views are positive. Most of the users are happy with the Grand Slam package. The package consists of a lot of helpful components and accessories. Some users reported that the plenty of pre-loaded patterns and great to go, and one may never need more patterns until the pre-loaded ones are exhausted over a long time. Connecting the machine to a computer and transferring design files is real easy. Embroidering patterns takes quite less time. Learning and mastering all the features of the machine is an interesting journey, and many consumers reported that they found something exciting about the machine everyday for quite some time until they learnt it fully and got habituated.

The two problems that were reported by consumers are of the difficulty in learning and handling of color threads, and that CD with the machine containing all old designs. There is no separate helping software with the machine, and therefore handling it takes time, as one gets accustomed with the machine slowly. It takes time to learn working with color threads while embroidering.

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The Brother SE1800 is a little overpriced. But then again when you look at the number of stitch functions you would feel you are getting a lot with the machine which still does not depend on the complication of a software related operation. It simple can be connected to a computer and data like stitch styles and embroidery designs can be easily imported. Even the USB flash drive port coming with it is an interesting addition. Yet you may yearn for more features looking at that price, but owning a Brother SE1800 will not make you repent later. Moreover the Grand Slam embroidery package which comes with the sewing machine justifies the price somewhat.

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Initially one may hesitate to buy the machine for the little high price. But when you look at the features, programming, the user friendliness, pre-loaded stitches and all, you would find reasons to buy it. You will not have to work on anything, as you would get a pre-set ready to use machine. All you will have to do as the beginner is to get accustomed with the Brother sewing machine experience. Hence, the machine loaded with all these features, and the Grand slam accessory package is a little high priced and yet a nice buy which you won’t repent about once you use it.

Features Overview

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Features Brother SE1800 Combination Computerized Embroidery Machine
Affordability 4 out of 5
Adjustable Speed Yes
Software Included Not included and not required
Automatic Thread Trimming Yes; one touch automatic thread cutter
Design 4.6 out of 5
Needle Size Size 11 or 14
LED Screen Yes; computerized and touch screen enabled

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