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History of Crewel Embroidery

crewel embroidery

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A person who grew up in London in the 16th century, would definitely be one of the many who know all too well about crewel embroidery. The period was exactly the height of this type of art identified by its intricacy. This kind of needlework refers to wool that has been twisted in a strong manner. The thread has been made by plain hobbyists in order to be productive in their pastime along with the expert designers who make a living out of it.

At the age when England begun its barter relations with India, stylists begun to integrate in the crewel embroidery wild elements motivated from the east.… Read More

Custom Embroidery Hats

embroidery hatsA hat has forever been viewed as a best covering for the head. More often than not, it has a broad brim that serves as a shield from the glare of the sun.  We are all presented with different kinds of hats, from baseball caps, boasters, bobble hats, hood, just to name a few. Although there are undeniably a very big range of hats to select from, all of them serve the same objective of providing shelter for the head.

Anyway, more and more people today are treating hats as a style accessory. This describes why there are some people favors to buy embellished hats. There are definitely a lot of people who enjoy the thought of being different and standing out from the rest of the crowd.… Read More

Everything You Should Know About Embroidery Threads

embroidery threadsIf you are into embroidery project or doing any other cross stitch project, when it comes to embroidery threads, you have ample choice. Modern day threads are available in varied colors and textures and hence you have the option of choosing based on your needs and creativity. Of course they do not cost you a fortune to get them and use in your project.

In spite of multiple choices you may consider the ones that fits based on your bill and taste and commit the ones that do not like to live with. But thread list definitely contains few types of threads that are worthy to look at. We have listed down most of the threads below with their description, so that you can decide the few that goes with your bill.… Read More

Stumpwork Embroidery

Stumpwork EmbroideryCompared to normal embroidery design in stumpwork embroidery the designs will form 3D shape and stands out of the cloth. The art works contains smaller, smoother materials like stuffed figures and smoother pieces to form the design. The figures in the design will resemble human, animal, flower, trees or some other natural living being imitated on the cloth. The stumpwork Embroidery is generally done on armoires, mirrors, hand bags and purses.

The history of stumpwork embroidery is back dated to 16th century. However the lust for such embroidery started falling slowly, as it was difficult to procure and stitch such materials to make the embroidery work more attractive. The people even felt that such embroidery work has no popularity in the society.… Read More

Bead Embroidery

Bead EmbroideryPeople always tend to find ways to unleash the within them in some or the other way. The inner self will always be ready to thin outside the box and to do something special. Such people will normally tend to love music; dance or some people will love arts. When it comes to embroidery, bead embroidery is such a great and fun loving art.

People who do not know this and are new to this area of art, think this can be a quite cumbersome to understand and grasp the ideas, techniques to achieve this. But most of the times, this is far from truth. To certain extent this is true, but if people put effort in knowing the in and out of this art, once they realize the potential and take a small learning curve, they visualize the art in front of their eyes.… Read More

Used Embroidery Sewing Machine

used embroidery machineScience and technology has become part of our lives and it has contributed in many ways in raising our standard of living. No doubt, people agree this fact without any argument whatsoever. The entrance of technology, invention has penetrated everywhere in the new era and making all of us more comfort and thereby increasing our standard of living. People do tend to lean towards to it and grasp it as and when they come.

Like we observe research is done in many greater areas of industry and other walks of life, art of embroidery is not exclusion. The technology part of embroidery is increasing day after day and year after year and we see new models with exiting features coming out to market at high speeds.… Read More

Why Apron Embroidery?

apron embroideryNormally in kitchen is the place where mom and housewives spend part of their time. For most mothers, it is a heaven where they think and execute how to make their whole families taste buds happy, by preparing various dishes. for many people both men and women, kitchen is creative place in bringing joy to the family. And it is evident from this that kitchen should be one of the best places to live in with necessary stuff in place to facilitate what is required for the whole family.

People use aprons during cooking process from decades. No doubt aprons serves the main purpose of keeping ones presence shown as a symbol of kitchen along with it protects her/him from getting his clothes dirt.… Read More

When to Use Embroidery for Your Business Needs

embroidery business.jpgThe embroidery business is arguably the best and simplest home based business to earn you additional income. So if you have the passion to begin a real home based work which can take full advantage of your creativity without requiring your website mastery skills, starting embroidery business best fits you. This may sound to others as a get-rich-quick scheme but it’s not. Instead, it’s an excellent opportunity to join those who have made extra cash during their free time.

There are a number of benefits associated with starting an embroidery business at home. These include:

­You can chose when to work. Whether it’s in the morning, evening, weekends or whether you want to work full time or part-time, the choice is yours.… Read More

Advantages of Embroidery for Business

Embroidery is one of the top ways of decorating apparels. The finish is usually sleek, hard-wearing, and durable. Besides, here are a few other reasons why embroidery is considered important:


One of the best and most effective ways for any business establishment to market itself is through designing embroidered apparels. Embroidered apparels, unlike plain polos and solid-colored button-down shirts, are a free form of advertisement. Every employee wearing such an attire conveys a message that they belong to a certain company, and so, they keep inundating the public with your name, and perhaps some folks will see you for the first time and bring business to your doorstep.


You are completely in control over how the apparel will turn out to be when embroidered.… Read More

History of Embroidery Field

History of Embroidery FieldWhile the precise time when embroidery began is unknown, some artifacts and texts provide hints on just how ancient embroidery as an art is. Some historians believe that Chinese thread embroidery, dating as far in history as 3500 BC, is the precursor of modern-day embroidery. There are samples, such as an embroidered gauze from Zhou era which was in existence between 1045BC to 246BC in China that are still in survival: these show what could be the origin of embroidery.

Archaeological finds have uncovered other artifacts: they comprise paintings, vases, and sculptures that equally show embroidery to have existed more than 3000 years ago in various civilizations. Mosaics from Byzantium, an ancient Greek city, show scenes where folks at the time are clothed in clothing embroidered with precious stones, silk thread, and pearls.… Read More