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Blackwork Embroidery

Blackwork embroidery is a popular needlework style developed in ancient times for purposes of adorning costumes. Originally, it was done only on black and folks were rather conservative about the technique, however, over time, the technique has changed and now involves different approaches and styles. Despite the name ‘Blackwork,’ it is now done in green, blue, silver or gold. Originally, cotton or linen was the primary fabric, but any fabric can do, nowadays.

Today, blackwork embroidery is usually a combination of surface embroidery featuring some geometric, counted fillings. And because the patterns are geometric, the fabric needs to have a precise even weave.

What you need for a blackwork embroidery


Blackwork, as already stated, needs to be worked on an even-weave cloth such as the Aida cloth, Hardanger fabric, or linen.… Read More

Know Home Embroidery Machines

The embroidery machine is used to create different free-form stitch designs and patterns on textile. These machines can help to make the variety of new designs and patterns on a piece of fabric ranging from curtains, clothes to towels, and table clothes as the use of embroidery for decoration and branding of these items are now becoming common in homes as well as in workplaces.

Mainly there are 2 types of embroidery machine. viz. Mechanical embroidery machine and Computerized embroidery machine.

Mechanical embroidery machine

Also known as free motion embroidery machine this type of machine is operated manually as it lacks the automated features and is similar to a traditional sewing machine.… Read More

Embroidery Machine Care And Maintenance

embroidery machine careWith the advanced technology, nowadays people do not need to sew and make embroidery manually. They can do this job faster and more easily by using a machine. Embroidery machine refers to a machine designed and set to help with the embroidery process, especially in creating pretty and themed detail and patterns on textiles. It has been used commercially in corporate advertising, product branding, and uniform adornment, as well as personal sewing and craft projects. It is an innovative and effective tool that saves many people’s time and energy, especially for those who are busy or have not enough time to do this work with traditional needlework.

However, this machine is not cheap.… Read More

How to Select the Right Embroidery Machine?

How to Select the Right Embroidery MachineEmbroidery is an enjoyable activity that can already be performed through mechanical means. The main advantage of this is that you will be able to form various designs in a shorter period of time. In case the technique on how to select the right embroidery machine is still foreign to you, feel free to heed the tips written below.

1. Study The Sewing Surface

Take into consideration the kind of designs that you wish to embroider. If you are a new mother, then you may obviously want to do a bit of monogramming on your baby’s bib and onesies. If you sew for a living, you require an embroidery machine that has a larger surface, so that you will not have problems with size of the design that you are going to create.… Read More

Different Types Of Embroidery Machines

embroidery machine typesEmbroidering has been a timeless hobby since the invention if the first sewing machine in 1848. Since then, embroidery machines have come a long way. You’re no longer limited to the basic straight stitch we all know and love. But finding the right piece of equipment for you and your project style can be troublesome task, so I’ve created a basic informational chart to help you through the process of choosing a machine that’s just right for you.

Mechanical Embroidery Machines

These are the very easy and more basic machines. They’re most commonly found in homes because of how simple they are to use. However, stitching options are very limited, making this the ideal machine for beginners who are just starting out and only work on smaller projects.… Read More