Embroidery Machine Care And Maintenance

embroidery machine careWith the advanced technology, nowadays people do not need to sew and make embroidery manually. They can do this job faster and more easily by using a machine. Embroidery machine refers to a machine designed and set to help with the embroidery process, especially in creating pretty and themed detail and patterns on textiles. It has been used commercially in corporate advertising, product branding, and uniform adornment, as well as personal sewing and craft projects. It is an innovative and effective tool that saves many people’s time and energy, especially for those who are busy or have not enough time to do this work with traditional needlework.

However, this machine is not cheap. It costs from $200 to $8,000, depending on the machine type. Knowing that it is a big investment, you would expect your embroidery machine to last as long as reasonably possible. Below are some simple and easy methods and tips to care and maintain your machine well. It does not take much of your time and effort. The keys are consistency and vigilance.

1. Clean The Machine Regularly

You need not simply abandon it when you finish, you need to ensure that it is clean. When you work with fabric or cloth, you couldn’t protect it from some lint or from the material that may be left behind on it. Note that some of the lint may attach to the oiled components and small parts of the machine, such as the bobbin springs.

Although a piece of lint will not directly damage your machine, it could cause severe malfunctions if it is not handled properly and promptly. The only thing that you could and should do is to remove all the dust and lint from your machine regularly. This simple method is effective to extend the durability of your machine.

2. Keep Your Machine Covered

Wherever your embroidery machine is placed, insects and dust always have their own way of getting and lodging themselves in it, thus causing significant damage to it. That is why it may be necessary to always keep your machine covered to reduce the possibility of anything to go in it.

3. Oil Your Machine Regularly

There are some parts of your embroidery machine that need to be oiled regularly. You can find which parts that need oil in the machine manual.

In the manual, you can also find what kind of lubrication is needed for your specific machine parts. Some embroidery machines have their own particular oils, while others do not ask for typical kinds of lubricants. If your machine required a particular oil, it is highly recommended to use the compatible one to assure that it will function well.

4. Frequently Change Your Needle

Since needle is one of the embroidery machine’s best friend, you should pay attention to its quality and function for specific fabric. It is recommended to change the needle every 4 hours or second garment. A bent or blunt needle could lead to poor tension, skipped stitches, or even damaged fabric. Moreover, it could also impair your machine. Since a needle does not cost a lot of money, you should not take a big risk by using an old needle.

5. Use Quality Thread

A thread is the cheapest part of embroidery machine and hence it is recommended that you use quality thread. Poor quality thread could cause poor stitch quality and many tension problems. It could also leave more dust and lint on your machine that may foul the gears and work its way into the bearings and shafts. Moreover, it is able to create more serious mechanical problems by soaking up lubrication that makes the machine dry.

You are also advised not to use thread that is older than 5 years because it can be weakened and break as well as create rust trail. If you keep using poor and old thread for long term, you can harm your machine and have to be ready pay higher cost for repair .

6. Service Your Machine Regularly

Regular or annual service is an important thing to do. It aims to check and repair various mechanical settings. Do not wait for your machine to be broken because when this happens, it will cost a large amount of money.

7. Protect Your Machine Electronically

It is better if you use a surge cube or protector to prevent your machine from any damage that may be caused by surges, storm damage, low voltage troughs. If the electronic parts of your machine are ruined, it will be costly to fix them. However, this method applies only to computerized or electronic machine type.

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