Everything You Should Know About Embroidery Threads

embroidery threadsIf you are into embroidery project or doing any other cross stitch project, when it comes to embroidery threads, you have ample choice. Modern day threads are available in varied colors and textures and hence you have the option of choosing based on your needs and creativity. Of course they do not cost you a fortune to get them and use in your project.

In spite of multiple choices you may consider the ones that fits based on your bill and taste and commit the ones that do not like to live with. But thread list definitely contains few types of threads that are worthy to look at. We have listed down most of the threads below with their description, so that you can decide the few that goes with your bill.

Cotton Thread

Definitely you should have faced this problem earlier. In most of the embroidery works, cotton thread is the most preferred ones, but unfortunate some people ignore this fact many a times. Cotton threads are provides lovely sheens along with softness. They are the right candidates for most of the embroidery works and you can use them depending on the weight as you get threads with different weights. Cotton threads are used in most of the embroidery works, because of its strength and usability across variety of works.

Rayon Thread

Latest embroidery designs use rayon thread in most of the artworks. It is one of the best choices for quite a few embroidery enthusiasts. The main reason behind this is that rayon creates beautiful sheen when used in embroidery work. Moreover, rayon is meant to string enough to do any embroidery work without putting the sewers into the problem of breaking the thread. Rayon threads are marketed worldwide with many attractive colors.

Polyester Thread

Embroidery enthusiasts also prefer to use polyester threads, because of the less cost factor. Polyester threads are similar to that of rayon threads and made available in multiple color choices. Polyester Threads are good choice as the artwork does not get faded or shrink.

Silk Thread

When it comes to dying silk threads boast a major part and a perfect choice for embroiders. Compared to all other fibers, they absorb perfectly when dying. Silk threads are very strong and known for their stability. Silk threads do not break and hence used in luxurious embroidery art works.

Metallic Thread

Modern days Metallic Threads started gained popularity because of its look and feel. The threads are created using silver metal foil thin layers. Deepening on the foil cover, they too available in various color options. They are also considered to be much durable considered along with other threads.

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