Know Home Embroidery Machines

The embroidery machine is used to create different free-form stitch designs and patterns on textile. These machines can help to make the variety of new designs and patterns on a piece of fabric ranging from curtains, clothes to towels, and table clothes as the use of embroidery for decoration and branding of these items are now becoming common in homes as well as in workplaces.

Mainly there are 2 types of embroidery machine. viz. Mechanical embroidery machine and Computerized embroidery machine.

Mechanical embroidery machine

Also known as free motion embroidery machine this type of machine is operated manually as it lacks the automated features and is similar to a traditional sewing machine. In order to create different free form patterns and designs the embroider runs the machine by hand and expertly move the fabric piece tightened in hoop under the sharp needle. It is used for making simple embroidery patterns and designs on pillows, clothes, towels, table clothes, hats and many other items etc. With practice and perfectly tuned mechanical embroidery machine, one can easily and freely create a large variety of designs and patterns on the piece of fabric. Material required for making pattern and designs from mechanical embroidery machine includes thread, the piece of fabric, scissor, needle, hoop, design, backing paper. First thread tension is adjusted, the piece of fabric with design sketch is then tightly placed in a hoop and then stitching is done in order to make desired design and pattern.
Who can use: Fresh learners, Household embroider who are not enough literate to operate computerized machine


• Cost effective and one can easily afford to buy this type of embroidery machine
• Are easy to maintain and there are fewer issues regarding its maintenance and repairing
• Give neatness in all kind of designs and patterns
• Easy to handle
• Provide ease of operation
• Preferred for new learners by giving perfect chance of learning aspects of embroidery designs and patterns


• Labor intensive as it requires complete user input
• Limited number of stitches patterns and designs can be created as compared to computerized embroidery machine
• Have limited number of buttonhole options
• Can be more complicated as everything is required to be done by hand.

Computerized embroidery machine

In this era of computer and technology, this type of machine is used most commonly. It contains various microprocessors that control the stitch patterns and also servo automatic motors in order to guide those stitch patterns and also electronic foot control in order to control its speed. In order to create free form pattern and design, this type of machine has hopping system that tightly holds the fabric piece under the needle and then moves it automatically from already programmed digital embroidery pattern. The needle used for this machine can be single with the single head and can be multi with the single head. All the embroidery patterns are made with the automatic feature but user involvement is also needed in order to input the correct color sequence according to the pattern’s requirement.
Who can use: Commercial embroidery, household embroidery


• Easy to use and require little user input
• Have additional automated sewing features
• Able to create designs and patterns in perfect quality with great accuracy
• Have fast speed to create required design and patterns within short time period
• Give faster deliveries of embroidery projects


• Very difficult to repair
• Expensive as compared to mechanical embroidery machine

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