Stumpwork Embroidery

Stumpwork EmbroideryCompared to normal embroidery design in stumpwork embroidery the designs will form 3D shape and stands out of the cloth. The art works contains smaller, smoother materials like stuffed figures and smoother pieces to form the design. The figures in the design will resemble human, animal, flower, trees or some other natural living being imitated on the cloth. The stumpwork Embroidery is generally done on armoires, mirrors, hand bags and purses.

The history of stumpwork embroidery is back dated to 16th century. However the lust for such embroidery started falling slowly, as it was difficult to procure and stitch such materials to make the embroidery work more attractive. The people even felt that such embroidery work has no popularity in the society. But during 21st century, the things have changed and people are again interested in such embroidery. We can observe stumpwork art work in clothes and hand crafted materials.

The modern day stumpwork designs are far more different from the 16th century, though the principle and technique are not different. Modern days people are employing larger threads, with varied color combination and padded surface. With these changes in design, stumpwork Embroidery has ever been able to evolve and showcase its position in the new era.

How will it feel, if you are gifting someone with embroidery work including some personal flavor to it? How would someone feel embroidery art work with one’s name or initial or something which he likes most embossed on the cloth? Wouldn’t that gift make it too special for him/her? This will definitely make feel him happier.

Can you think of other materials that could enhance the taste of embroidery work excluding general embroidery threads? If you have plastic hoops, it can be used to prevent your embroidery work from sagging and falling down from the place where it is stitched. Flowers will always add more attraction to such art work. You can use flower petal or flower bud structure along with spring hoops. Do not forget to use the water soluble pens for marking as it will prevent the cloths from getting dirt during embroidery work.

If you are little creative and can think out of box, do not hesitate to try your own version of embroidery work. As an embroidery enthusiasts, with your own version of art work, you will be more pleased to see flash of light in your friends eyes, when you make such a gift. There are abundance possibilities, which can unleash the creator within in you.

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