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Brother HE-1 Computerized Embroidery Machine Review

Brother HE-1 Computerized Embroidery Machine ReviewWhen you are looking for a simple and sorted beginning to embroidering, and don’t want to get entangled in hassles, then one of the best ways to start is by choosing the simple beginners’ delight Brother HE-1 computerized embroidery machine. The brand name of Brother is the first assurance that the machine will be bringing in complicity, quality, great features, and helpful functionality. The next attraction is of the quality and service.

The Brother HE-1 is a fully embroidery machine, and the sole purpose of getting it is to master the art of embroidery on a computerized sewing machine. Designed simply, featured logically, and built tough, the machine is the perfect gift for beginners who want to understand slowly, and absorb it gradually, and devote their talent to various home projects.… Read More

Brother DZ820E Embroidery Machine With Grand Slam Package Review

Brother DZ820E Embroidery Machine With Grand Slam Package ReviewWhile talking of Brother Embroidery machines quality and design have always been the main selling points. Brother has consistently kept the quality of its sewing machines, embroidery machines, and sergers uncompromised, since it started manufacturing in the sewing machine segment almost a century back, and now the brand is a name for quality. The Brother DZ820E embroidery machine is a solely embroidery machine.

If you are a beginner, or want to gift it to a beginner who will be introduced to embroidery through machines for the first time, then you may consider buying the Brother DZ820E. Highly durable with tough components, with ability to customize your designs and stitches, collection of built in stitches, and a starter kit containing all one needs to start embroidering, makes the embroidery machine a good selection.… Read More

Brother SE 1800 Sewing And Embroidery Machine Review

Brother SE 1800 Sewing And Embroidery Machine ReviewThe Brother sewing machines are well known for their reputation and performance. The company being in the market for more than a century, and manufacturing sewing machines since 1968, is one of the best names to rely on for sewing machines, sergers, and embroidery machines etc for home and commercial use. The Brother SE 1800 is one of the light weight, compact, and easy to operate sewing machines of the company, and contains great designing and stitching options for ease of use.

The number of inbuilt or pre-loaded stitches, designs for embroidery, making of button holes, stitching of letters etc, makes for huge stock of options with the Brother SE 1800.… Read More

Brother SE1800 Embroidery Cum Sewing Machine with Grand Slam Package Review

Brother Sewing SE1800 Embroidery Sewing Machine ReviewThe Brother SE1800 is a sewing machine cum embroidery machine, which comes with a bunch of needed accessories, pre-loaded stitches, default designs and a lot of features. The light weight and compact machine has a nice 5×7 inches work field for stitching and embroidering. Some of the best features of the machine like 5×12 inch multi position hoops for larger area embroidery, 136 designs pre-loaded in the machine, 6 letter fonts, and the USB port for loading of designs in it from a computer are some of the reasons you would love the machine.

The machine has an automatic needle, great programming for thread trimming, a quick set up bobbin with top drop system, a start stop button, and needle up and down button and more such features, which strongly suggests how good an automated machine it is.… Read More

Brother PE540D 4×4 Embroidery Machine Review

Brother PE540D 4x4 Embroidery Machine ReviewBrother is an amazing brand that has been making embroidery units for home sewers for many years now. It is in the market producing sewing equipment for almost a century now. Thus it has created a name for itself, and people trust on the brand blindly. The company offers wonderful sewing units as well as many advance embroidery devices with affordable price tags. In the course of time, the brand has brought in some amazing embroidery units and has been keeping up its good job. However, something sets apart the PE540D from others.

The device is able to offer as Disney themed designs which is perfect for kids who love Disney characters like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.… Read More

Bead Embroidery

Bead EmbroideryPeople always tend to find ways to unleash the within them in some or the other way. The inner self will always be ready to thin outside the box and to do something special. Such people will normally tend to love music; dance or some people will love arts. When it comes to embroidery, bead embroidery is such a great and fun loving art.

People who do not know this and are new to this area of art, think this can be a quite cumbersome to understand and grasp the ideas, techniques to achieve this. But most of the times, this is far from truth. To certain extent this is true, but if people put effort in knowing the in and out of this art, once they realize the potential and take a small learning curve, they visualize the art in front of their eyes.… Read More

History of Embroidery Field

History of Embroidery FieldWhile the precise time when embroidery began is unknown, some artifacts and texts provide hints on just how ancient embroidery as an art is. Some historians believe that Chinese thread embroidery, dating as far in history as 3500 BC, is the precursor of modern-day embroidery. There are samples, such as an embroidered gauze from Zhou era which was in existence between 1045BC to 246BC in China that are still in survival: these show what could be the origin of embroidery.

Archaeological finds have uncovered other artifacts: they comprise paintings, vases, and sculptures that equally show embroidery to have existed more than 3000 years ago in various civilizations. Mosaics from Byzantium, an ancient Greek city, show scenes where folks at the time are clothed in clothing embroidered with precious stones, silk thread, and pearls.… Read More

Know Home Embroidery Machines

The embroidery machine is used to create different free-form stitch designs and patterns on textile. These machines can help to make the variety of new designs and patterns on a piece of fabric ranging from curtains, clothes to towels, and table clothes as the use of embroidery for decoration and branding of these items are now becoming common in homes as well as in workplaces.

Mainly there are 2 types of embroidery machine. viz. Mechanical embroidery machine and Computerized embroidery machine.

Mechanical embroidery machine

Also known as free motion embroidery machine this type of machine is operated manually as it lacks the automated features and is similar to a traditional sewing machine.… Read More

Embroidery Machine Care And Maintenance

embroidery machine careWith the advanced technology, nowadays people do not need to sew and make embroidery manually. They can do this job faster and more easily by using a machine. Embroidery machine refers to a machine designed and set to help with the embroidery process, especially in creating pretty and themed detail and patterns on textiles. It has been used commercially in corporate advertising, product branding, and uniform adornment, as well as personal sewing and craft projects. It is an innovative and effective tool that saves many people’s time and energy, especially for those who are busy or have not enough time to do this work with traditional needlework.

However, this machine is not cheap.… Read More

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine With USB Flash Port and Grand Slam Package Review

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine with USB Flash Port and Grand Slam Package ReviewBrother PE770 embroidery machine has been recognized as a Consumer Digest Best Buy product. This means that it is not just a high quality machine but also one that offers great value. It serves as an excellent platform for creating different types of embroidered projects. Besides, it is a product by a reputable high end manufacturer like Brother International Corporation, which is known for its innovative high quality domestic sewing and embroidery machines. A majority of the consumers who purchased products from the brand found it to be a wise decision.

The professional level design, remarkable performance and affordability of the machine makes it a good choice for professional quality embroidery.… Read More